There are millions of businesses in the US and all of them are aiming for one thing: sales. With very stiff competition in the market today, it is vital for each entrepreneur to be more creative in telling your stories and delivering your products and services to the world. 

Animation is the latest marketing trend for many entrepreneurs today. Course 1, is a business and marketing consulting firm that will guide you on how to bring your business to success through video animations. We are a team of business consultants and marketing professionals with several decades of experience and passion in the industry. We also have graphic and video experts that can help you plan out and strategize video animation in such a way that it will empower your brand.

Course 1 Video Animation Services

Course 1 prides itself in delivering excellent video animation projects that are tailored to our customers’ needs.

Explainer Videos

The video and graphics experts at Course 1 will use 2D explainer videos in delivering your brand’s one-of-a-kind to your customers wherever they may be. Course 1 pays attention to even the smallest details, thus, producing outstanding output. Here at Course 1, we will not just deliver information and direct information to your viewers, but we will also capture their attention through powerful visuals. 

Whiteboard Animation

Our video animation experts will help you highlight your brand’s finest traits and attract ROI. Your whiteboard animation campaigns will be tailored according to your brand’s personality as well as the interest of your target audience. Equipped with the best video animation tools, Course 1 will deliver the best whiteboard animation video with all the necessary information in a timely manner. 

Product Promotion

Our product promotional videos will ensure that your company has a solid marketing edge in this very stiff industry. The team of video experts and business consultants here at Course 1 will work together to showcase your company’s top features, functionalities, integrations, strengths, and other business highlights to increase brand visibility.

Hybrid Videos

Our video animation on Course 1 goes beyond 2D illustrations. With our expertise in making hybrid videos using the latest technologies, we will provide you with video sophistication on a new level. 

Logo Animation

Logo plays an important role in giving identity to your business. Your business logo should match well with your company’s mission and vision. Course 1 can help your startup business develop a smart and unique logo that will represent your company’s goals, products and services.

Motion Graphics

Our motion graphics professionals are experts in developing unique and creative motion graphics that will improve brand visibility and revenues. We will incorporate your business’ identity in creating motion graphics as a way of reaching out to your customers and building relationships with them.

Whether you are a startup business who is looking for assistance with your story creation, or over a decade-old brand who wants to polish your video animation, Course 1 is the right company to contact.  If you want to build a strong, solid, and successful business, feel free to contact us by phone (703) 206-8619 or through our email Our qualified staff will be happy to assist you.