IT or information technology is essential when it comes to operating a modern-day business. Anything from well-built workstations to proper software, including security, production, operational and even recovery are all essential for a business to run efficiently. The most important thing that needs to be addressed within any modern-day IT environment for business is the IT infrastructure. A smaller company may use Google apps, but most companies are going to going to be better suited to use Microsoft 365. With a variety of plans and options for storage space in the secured cloud, and package levels, Microsoft 365 bolsters many apps which will take your company to the next level and increase its value.

However, it is not the apps themselves that will help your business become successful. It is the strategic design of how the apps are used together in conjunction with your physical environment including employees, information flow, and communication. We specialize in the strategic design of an IT infrastructure for the modern day business. We believe in utilizing all necessary apps from the very beginning of starting your business or engaging in a transformation to maximize the efficiency in which your business operates now and how it will operate in the future. We also offer training.

Some of these apps include Skype for business which is live video conferencing for having meetings with one or multiple people within or outside of your organization. There are teams and yammer which are collaboration and communication apps which allow you to have conversations and connect with SharePoint online which is an online site and file storage system accessible from any smart device. SharePoint is organized and acts as an individual site for any given team or topic. The site can be customized in a variety of ways to meet any businesses needs. Planner, is available on your smartphone and can assign plans and tasks to a single or multiple individuals at the click of a button. One drive for business which is a highly effective and secure Microsoft server system in the cloud is accessible on any device with a connection and allows you to share links to files and folders as well as give individuals permission to view and/or edit those files or folders. Microsoft takes it a step further with two automation tools including flow which works between different apps in the Microsoft 365 universe, and dynamics 365 which is an advanced CRM and business tracking system which can streamline and automate nearly all processes within your business.

We can offer technology purchasing consulting services as well as helping you implement given pieces of technology correctly and strategically within your business model. Other services such as modifying workstations and solving IT issues remotely are as easy as a request away.