A membership to the Course 1, Inc. family is a unique experience. You will receive many benefits, at little cost to you, that you would not receive without a membership. Memberships are not revenue driven for us. We have partnered with the national VFW and are attempting to raise funds for military veterans of foreign wars and their families. Our specific focus is on helping military veterans and their families postcrisis. Depending on the membership level you pick, a certain percentage of your monthly dues will go directly to the national VFW. You can watch the progress of our fundraising on the live meter located within the donation meters page of our website.

On top of fundraising, we will offer you added benefits to your service, which could include, an increased amount of consulting sessions per month, emergency rebranding services, priority level consultation, and request services as well as discounts off of select services in your overall contract, which you can learn more about by clicking the learn more button.

A membership to the Course 1, Inc. family makes the most sense if you are engaging in a contract of at least one year’s length. If you engage in the efficient amount of services, it will cost you just about the same amount or less money to complete the contract with us as a member compared to if you are not a member.

You will have access to your own unique, secure membership portal which will serve as the location at houses all of the documents you work on with the Course 1, Inc. family. There are advanced communication features, availability for video tutorials, priority level point and click actions such, and everything is backed up securely, so you don’t have to worry about where they will be at any given time. File retrieval is a simple as logging in and downloading the given file. The course one family provides you with all the of the documents you purchased without you having to ask us for them. We do not believe in withholding production documents in the hopes you will be forced to use us again to edit them.