Your company’s brand needs to be developed online and offline. When designing a new brand image, there are multiple factors to consider which vary between the digital and physical medium.

Whether a branded item is digital or physical, there must be an element of unity between both. Factors that contribute to unity include your brand symbol, logo, slogan, color codes, online platforms, partnered organizations, font types and overall characteristics regarding the flow of your brand’s design.

Information spread across digital and physical mediums must be consistent and seem seamless between the two. A digital signature analysis will determine if the information or elements of your brand are unified across all online platforms, which make up your web presence. When a new brand is digitally created there are collateral items such as pocket folders, letterhead, envelopes, thank you cards, banners and other items which need to be produced to match your digital presence and maintain a unified brand image.

We will align your digital signature to match your physical collateral or create a brand-new image which flows consistently between both. If your collateral is more up to date than your digital image, the digital image must be upgraded to match the collateral.