Instagram Management Consultation

Instagram has become more than just a social media platform for sharing photos. It has become a crucial vehicle to bring your content and your brand to the right audience. However, with millions of businesses utilizing this platform today, it can be very challenging to stand out in the crowd. This is the reason why many online entrepreneurs choose Course 1 for professional social media management.

Course 1 is a full-service digital and social media marketing agency that offers specialized online marketing services and can make your Instagram management insta-success. Our Instagram management strategy focuses on growing your business’ presence on Instagram — from improving your brand awareness, building relationships with your customers, or getting results and ROI.


Why Work With Us?

Course 1 is a team of digital marketing and social media experts that will manage your Instagram account for you. No bots, machines, or anything that can hurt your marketing strategies in the end. With Course 1, we will grow your Instagram influence in a real way.


After signing up, we will proceed with the following steps:


Instagram management consultation

You will have a meeting with our Instagram management and marketing experts and will discuss everything about your brand, its goals, target demographics, and others. During this stage, you will understand your customers’ behaviors, their needs, and the solutions that they are looking for. Your competitors’ activities will be evaluated too. Your content approach will be based on these vital points. 


Instagram Engagement

The next step is to build a strong connection tailored to your business’ needs. Course 1 will then work side-by-side with your Instagram account to provide the content that your followers need, interact with them, and organically grow engagement in no time.


Instagram Traffic

With your Instagram account up and running and with the expertise of our Instagram management experts who will proactively manage your account, you will organically gain traffic and ROI over time. We can also opt for paid ad promotions should you like them in order to easily and quickly reach anyone that you desire.


As part of our Instagram management services, you will receive a monthly report that states all the changes in your Instagram account including your followers and engagement growth, how far your posts have reached, website traffic, and other necessary information. We have the best team of customer representatives so you can ensure that any questions or messages are delivered to us and answered in a timely manner.

Course 1 is serving clients nationwide. If you want to gain long term brand awareness and website visibility, contact us by phone (703) 206-8619 or through our email Our qualified staff will be happy to assist you.