Social Media Marketing Strategy

Whether you are a startup business or have been an online entrepreneur for more than a decade or so, you cannot deny the fact that you need Instagram to gain traffic and improve your reach. While you can try to manage your business’ Instagram account yourself, it can be beneficial to have experts solely focus on social media marketing for your Instagram and  drive up business.

Course 1 is a team of social media marketers with many years of experience managing social media accounts and driving website traffic through them. With our social media strategies, we will not let your Instagram efforts and money go to waste. 


Why Choose Us?

Our Instagram social media strategy focuses on how you can expand your followers and gain ROI. We customize our approaches based on your demographic, business’ goals, and customers’ needs. Here at Course 1, you will no longer need to crack your brain with the next steps to take as we will do it for you. 


How We Do It

Our social media marketing strategies on Instagram involve the following steps:


1. Consultation and Analysis

Every approach that we will employ will depend on your business — its goals, challenges, competitors, customer’s needs and social media behavior. During this time, we will initiate a market analysis based on your products and services as well as the areas you serviced. We will also evaluate your competitors, especially those who outperformed you. Then we will identify your business’ strengths and weaknesses, and the possible reasons why your previous strategies don’t work well with you.


2. Plan

Once the first step has been completed, we will then proceed with planning out and creating your game plan. Our social media marketing experts will do thorough research on the content that sells well or generates high engagement from your audience. We will then create a system about which topic, content, or stories to post at what time of the day. 


3. Carry out the plan

The plan doesn’t just focus on posting content and stories. It also includes ad copies that will drive interest from your audience. We have a wide array of high-quality social media graphics that are already being done for you to grow your engagement. Social media copies also come with links and powerful CTAs to support your content.


4. Tracking and Monitoring

Once the plan is in action, Course 1 will monitor and track Instagram campaigns, the audience it reached, the rate of engagement, the click-through-rate and leads, as well as the ROI. Then make some tweaks to the campaigns if necessary. The goal is to build a solid audience across the platform.


5. Deliver results

This is the time when you get to celebrate your success. At the end of each month, you will receive a monthly report from Course 1 detailing all the approaches applied, the challenges, and the success rate it gained. 


Course 1 is serving clients nationwide. If you want to gain long term brand awareness and website visibility, feel free to contact us by phone (703) 206-8619 or through our email Our qualified staff will be happy to assist you.