Social Media Strategy

Social media plays a part in our lives more than we thought. It is not just a platform for us to share our thoughts, outfits, and activities for the day. It is also a very viable platform for the businesses to get closer to their customers, and for the customers to find better products and solutions to their needs. For many businesses, it is important to be the one to provide the better products and solutions to your customers for your brand to get known. Course 1 is here to help achieve this goal. 

Course 1 is a business and marketing management consulting firm with decades of experience in helping businesses navigate the challenging maze of the marketing industry. We have a team of digital marketing and social media experts that will not only manage your social media accounts for you, but will also help you achieve brand awareness, better customer engagement and generate ROI.

Why Choose Us?

Course 1 is nothing but an all-manual and hard work when it comes to performing social media strategies to get better traffic for your business; thus, you can be sure that everything about the results is all organic. Our marketing and social media strategies are safe and effective.

We understand

Course 1 believes that every problem can be solved with a thorough discussion. After contacting us for a consultation, we will have a thorough discussion about your business and the goals that you want to achieve. Our team of social media experts will perform a detailed evaluation and analysis with regards to the nature of your business, your close competitors, your products and services, your customers, and others. Our social media strategies to employ on your business will be designed based on these factors.

We engage and build traffic

Once we have a complete understanding of your business and your audience, our licensed social media marketers and business consultants will then draw out a plan on how to build traffic and encourage audience engagement through your social media accounts. Our social media strategy services include content to post about, time of day and day of the week. This is crucial in encouraging interaction from your customers. Apart from this, Course 1 will pay attention to your platform 24 hours 7 days a week to be able to interact with your customers through polls, comments, reactions, and answering their queries. 

We deliver results

When your audience notices the new life running on your social media platforms and that you have provided them with the content that they need, then it will only take a little time before you see results with your strategies. If your audience can relate to your content, then connections will be established which will benefit your business. You will have better brand awareness and more customers will be coming in for your products and services. 

You will see the results of all your social media strategies and how it affects your business through the detailed report that we will submit to you at the end of each month. This will keep you updated with the strategies that we have applied, the growth in your platforms, the traffic it builds over time, and other necessary details. 

Course 1 is serving clients nationwide. If you want long term brand awareness and website visibility, feel free to contact us by phone (703) 206-8619 or through our email Our qualified staff will be happy to assist you.