Twitter Account Management

When it comes to social media marketing, Twitter is one of the leading social media platforms to earn tremendous engagement and gain ROI. If you don’t have a business Twitter account or aren’t too active on Twitter, then you are missing out on a huge amount of potential engagement and lead generation opportunities.

The social media management experts at Course 1, Inc. will be happy to assist you in putting your business’ Twitter account on the right track and revamp your dull and too ordinary Tweets into an oasis of engaging conversations with your targeted audience.

Course 1, Inc is a team of marketing professionals and social media management experts with decades of experience and passion in the marketing industry. We can help you whether in developing your brand from scratch or revamping it to meet the critical marketing strategies that will attract audience engagement and website traffic. 


Our Twitter account management services include:


Customized Twitter Profile

With millions of businesses competing each day on Twitter, you must stand out in the crowd for your business to thrive. And this is where our social media experts enter the picture. We have professional graphic designers that will create or revamp your Twitter profile and add compelling profile theme design.  


Daily Account Activity

Part of our Twitter account management is the daily activities from an in-depth content plan, creating concise and relevant content to attract potential customers and improve lead generation, and identifying channels that can affect your brand positively and interacting with them on a regular basis. Our Twitter content experts will also help you find the targeted hashtags that are significant to your targeted audience.


Access to SMM Control Panel

You will get access to our user-friendly social media management control panel and see how each piece of content brings in your desired audience and engagement. Our highly qualified customer support will be available to assist you.


Follower Seeding

Follower seeding is an effective strategy that Course 1, Inc. employs to improve brand awareness and build your community with followers that are truly interested in your products and services. Then we will promote positive engagements by responding to tweets, retweeting relevant tweets, and following relevant personalities.


Monthly Statistics

You will receive custom and detailed monthly reports that include significant metrics, Twitter account activities, Twitter engagement rate, content posts and reach, website traffic built, and ROI. This will keep you on track with the development of your marketing approach through Twitter. 


Course 1, Inc. is serving clients nationwide. If you want to gain long term brand awareness and website visibility through Twitter, feel free to contact us by phone (703) 206-8619 or through our email Our qualified staff will be happy to assist you.