Twitter Turbo Boosting (TTB) is a unique service to our brands and was invented by handpicking three advanced mathematical algorithms and data analytic elements to grow your Twitter with real, relevant followers quickly while keeping your following down at an appropriate level for your brand image. Analytical reports are pulled and evaluated frequently to identify what is working, what is not working and make proper adjustments swiftly to keep the turbo-based growth steady.

When you engage in Twitter Turbo Boosting (TTB)TM, we will consult your target with you and devise a strategic plan to tackle the advanced growth to grow your image, increase your influence, make your business more valuable and generate new sales leads.

This style of growth typically requires a full-time, highly educated and expensive employee working your twitter account all day every day. In combination with our content writing service for social media, or if you have the means to develop your own high-quality content, this service makes that full-time marketing employee obsolete or fraction of what you would pay them to be in-house doing this for you.

In one year, you can accomplish what a full time employee would be able to accomplish in about five years. We can grow your Twitter handle by approximatley 200 to 300 relevant followers a month with the right content and mangement tequniques implemented by us.