Website Maintenance

There’s a lot to handle when you become a business owner.  You need to juggle your time in managing your business, maintaining your business’ website, and more. If your business’ website is out of date or neglected, over time, this can cost your business a lot of money in lost revenue. 

A well-maintained and well-managed website is crucial as it serves as a gateway to your business. It also improves the browsing experience of your visitors, increases website traffic, turns your website visitors to real time customers, and generates conversions. All of these can be achieved with the website maintenance services offered by Course 1.

Course 1 is a business and marketing management consulting firm that has been helping many businesses through their online and offline services. We have a team of business consultants, marketing experts, and SEO professionals with more than a decade of experience in the industry. Course 1 can make your website browsing experience fast and secure through our website maintenance services.

Why Choose Us?

Full security

The main problem that you will encounter with an unmaintained website is security glitch — your website will be more accessible for hacker attacks. Course 1 will make sure that you won’t encounter this problem. Our website development professionals will update all the outdated software and programs installed on your website to up its security features.

Improved website navigation

Course 1 will not just improve the look of your website but will improve the navigation of your website for visitors as well. We are experts in fixing bugs, broken links, bad pages, HTML errors, W3C compliance issues, and others. By making your visitors happy with a responsive web design, you can guarantee that increased website traffic and improved sales will follow. Course 1 will place you on the right hosting server according to your niche. 

24/7 Monitoring and Support

It can be difficult to keep track of broken links or when your website goes down. A server error or downtime on your website means a period with zero sales and traffic. Course 1 offers full time monitoring, 24 hours a day of the week, and will make sure to fix everything and get your website back online in no time. Apart from that, our reliable customer support team is available all the time to help you anyway they can.

Trusted website backup

Server errors and website crashes are unstoppable. What you can control is the impact it causes on your website and business. Course 1 offers a trusted website backup to prevent these errors and crashes from causing damage to your website. We will constantly check your website for any issues and will back up all your content right away. 

Course 1, Inc. is serving clients nationwide. If you want to gain long term brand awareness and website visibility through SEO, feel free to contact us by phone (703) 206-8619 or through our email Our qualified staff will be happy to assist you.